Featured Artist: Debra Huse, an American Impressionist Oil Painter

Name: Debra Huse (Ressel)
Studio: A Marina in Newport Beach, CA
Website: www.debrahuse.com
Gallery: Debra Huse Gallery
229 Marine Ave., Balboa Island, CA 92662
Born & Raised: Indianapolis, IN
Favorite Book: Two Years Before the Mast
Family: Husband, Randy Ressel
Transportation: 43' Santa Barbara Sportfishing Boat

Workshops available for everyone from beginners to skilled painters!

Artist's Statement:

"I’ve been blessed with the talent of seeing and the passion for painting. Oil is such a luscious medium. Applying lots of paint - moving it around and carving out areas is fascinating. As a contemporary plein air colorist, I strive to capture the beauty of the moment, the poetry of the atmosphere, and the notes of colorful light with the spontaneity and energy of a painter intrigued. Not painting is not an option."

She was featured in The Southwest Art Magazine in Feburary 2013. (click here to read)









Paintings by Debra Huse:


"Carmel Cypress" - 12x16 oil


"Avalon Watermen" - Sold


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