How to Use
the Art Cocoon Traveler 1

The Art Cocoon Traveler 1 is designed to carry 4 sizes of canvas panels. 4x6", 5x7", 6x8", 8x10", plus any other size panel that fits within these dimensions

Each Art Cocoon comes with a panel carrier and a raised lid, as well as a heavy duty rubber band.

Top (LId) - Bottom (Carrier)


Remove the inner adapter pieces from the lid.


Remove the stands from the carrier.


Remove the 6x8" adapter from the carrier.


Place 4 rings of masking tape in carrier to secure panel. Set 8x10" panel in carrier. Hole is used to pop the panel out from the back of the carrier.

Set adapters into carrier for the 6x8", 5x7" or 4x6" panels.

Place raised lid on carrier to protect your panel. Secure with rubber band.


Your Art Cocoon is ready to use! When you are finished painting, place raised cover to protect painting and secure with rubber band.


Use free standing stands to display your painting.

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