Autumn 2016 Plein Air Contest – Current Leaders

The votes are very close! Take a few seconds and vote for your favorite artists.  You don’t need to enter any personal information to vote and it’s a great way to support plein air artists. Help them protect their paintings in the field and during the trip home. Top ten entries on November 1st each get their choice of Traveler One Gift Pack or a Traveler Two Gift Pack.
There is still time to enter your plein air painting.  Entry is free and easy!

Current leaders in our Autumn 2016 Plein Air Contest: 

First 10 Entries In Our Autumn Plein Air Contest

ac-contest-autumn-2016-final-art>>Enter Here<<

Good luck to our first ten entries! If it were the 31st today, every entry would get a prize.  Enter and/or  vote anytime in October.  You can vote once per entry and there is no login or registration required to vote. Share your favorites on Facebook and Pinterest.

Blue Ridge FogBlue Ridge Fog – Rhonda Care

Back Paddock SunriseBack Paddock Sunrise – GumboBen

Beach WalkBeach Walk – mary pat byrne

Reflections on the water (sunny november)Reflections on the water… – Lorand Sipos

Marblehead LighthouseMarblehead Lighthouse – Mary Ann Clady

Adoration in AutumnAdoration in Autumn – Caroline Karp

Barker Lake ColorBarker Lake Color – bzgriff53

'22 Goes to Work, oil, 12x12’22 Goes to Work, oil, 12×12 – Rose S. Kennedy

Ladder Creek Falls, StudyLadder Creek Falls, Study – Karen Bakke

Kiki's Home PlaceKiki’s Home Place – Gary Baughman

Summer 2016 WINNERS!

AC Contest Final ArtWhat a great contest! What talent and dedication it took to produce these beautiful paintings! Personally, I wish I had the money to make them all mine.  What we do have are some sturdy, useful carriers that will lighten the load and protect that beautiful work in the field.

Thank you to all who entered! Congratulations to the winners! Check your email for the information we need to send out your prizes.

Our Fall 2016 Plein Air Contest will run through the month of October.  Please like and follow our facebook page: for more updates and plein air community posts.
Erwin\'s PondSue Dolamore
Erwin’s Pond
216 votes
Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016
tara will
Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016
80 votes
3Peirce Island PauseSusan E. Hanna
Peirce Island Pause
64 votes
4Wilson's Vineyard, 8x10 oil by Annie StrackAnnie Strack
Wilson’s Vineyard, 8×10 oil by Annie…
47 votes
5A struggle to push the abundance of greens out and warm the whole thing up. \Matt Anderson
A struggle to push the abundance of…
44 votes
6Grand skyKirk T Larsen
Grand sky
39 votes
7Boat Launch City Park Baton Rouge La.CB Hume
Boat Launch City Park Baton Rouge La.
35 votes
8Captive AudienceAlicia Drakiotes
Captive Audience
20 votes
9River StroleTamera Menard Ovall
River Strole
20 votes
View from Longmire Bridge

Nancy Romanovsky
View from Longmire Bridge
16 votes

Week Three Leaders – Summer 2016 Plein Air Contest

AC Contest Final Art>>Enter Here<<

The 10 artists who would each win an art cocoon if the contest ended today! But it doesn’t! There is still time to enter and vote! You can vote once per entry and there is no login or registration required to vote. Share your favorites on Facebook and Pinterest to support plein air artists.

#1 so far with 75 votes: Tara Will – Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016
Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016
#2 so far with 46 votes: Annie Strack  –  Wilson’s Vineyard, 8×10 oil
Wilson's Vineyard, 8x10 oil by Annie Strack
#3 so far with 39 votes: Kirk T Larsen –  Grand sky
Grand sky
#4 so far with 34 votes: CB HumeBoat Launch  –  City Park, Baton Rouge La.Boat Launch City Park Baton Rouge La.
#5 so far with 19 votes: Tamera Menard Ovall  –  River Strole
River Strole
#6 so far with 17 votes: Alicia Drakiotes  –  Captive Audience
Captive Audience
#7 so far with 14 votes: Paul Brand  –  577 Foundation, July
577 Foundation, July
#8 so far with 12 votes: Nancy Romanovsky  –  View from Longmire BridgeView from Longmire Bridge
#9 so far with 10 votes: Beth DeJesus England – Eagles Mere, PA Plein Air Event 2016
Eagles Mere, PA Plein Air Event 2016
#10 with 6 votes: Jenifer Prince  –  Anini Beach,KauaiAnini Beach,Kauai

The newest contest entries up for voting!

Garden by the Sheepscot RiverGarden by the Sheepscot River by Corinne McIntyre

Three kayaks. 10" x 12"Three kayaks. 10″ x 12″ by Perry Austin

Cape Cod morning fog in Chatham by Catherine BergsonCape Cod morning fog in… by Catherine Bergson

Lake Garda, ItalyLake Garda, Italy by Carol Griffin

Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016Plein Air Easton 2 hr… by tara will

River RockRiver Rock by PRESTON KING

Boat Launch City Park Baton Rouge La.Boat Launch City Park Baton… by CB Hume

Wilson's Vineyard, 8x10 oil by Annie StrackWilson’s Vineyard, 8×10 oil… by Annie Strack

Slumbering Souls Meadow - CadenceSlumbering Souls Meadow -…by Robert Backmann

Grand skyGrand skyby Kirk T Larsen

Lakeside AfternoonLakeside Afternoon by Christopher Leeper

Art Cocoon Summer 2016 Plein Air Contest, New Entries

20160721_101115_HDRWin one of ten carriers! Winners can select from the traveler one gift pack or the traveler two gift pack. It’s a great opportunity to test our sturdy, re-usable and lightweight wet panel carriers.

>>>Enter Here<<<

Five lovely new Plein Air Paintings to vote for!

Southern Drama Southern Drama by Ed Cahill

Mission Trails Gold & GrayMission Trails Gold & Gray by Robert Matheson

River Strole River Strole by Tamera Menard Ovall


Summer HolidaySummer Holiday by Susan Ballou

Blue HeronBlue Heron by Mary Manning


Traveling with Art Cocoons by Suzanne G. Morris, ASMA, PAPNM

morris-photos-verticalI love using Art Cocoon wet painting carriers. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and one size carrier will work on many size panels, eliminating the need to pack multiple carriers for a plein air outing. Since we have to carry our gear on our backs, these are all important advantages to consider when choosing your equipment. I like the fact that the panels are encased in the Cocoon allowing me to easily paint all the way to the edge of the panel.

When I am traveling to paint, weight of my gear becomes even more of a consideration than ever. For my recent trip to Cuba with Eric Rhoads and Plein Air magazine we had a 44 pound weight limit. For this trip, I packed linen canvas cut to one 11×14 size in an Art Cocoon carrier and a roll of masking tape, cutting the weight down to a couple of pounds. On location, I chose my size and simply marked off the canvas accordingly. I used a quick drying medium so all of my studies were dry by the end of the week and packed neatly into the Art Cocoons for my return flight.

I have multiple plein air set ups, but my favorite is my Soltek easel for it’s compact size and ease of set up. I can have it up and ready to paint while others are still unpacking the components of their set up. The one big disadvantage I have found is that when conditions don’t allow me to use an umbrella, it is very difficult to keep both my painting and my palette in shade. I discovered a quick easy way to fix this problem. With the easel set up against the light, I attach the top panel of my Art Cocoon to the easel with a bungee cord just above the box part of the easel. This keeps my palette in shade.


Introducing Suzanne G. Morris, ASMA, PAPNM

Artist’s Statement: “I have been painting for as long as I can remember.  Several years ago I was introduced to painting “alla prima” from the Italian meaning all at once. It employs painting “wet into wet” on the canvas. I am fascinated by the play of light and shadow.  It is the effect that light has on a subject that draws me to it… the cool morning light on the water, the colors deep in the long shadows of late afternoon, or the way reddish light at sunset seems to warm everything it touches. Any one of these effects can transform an ordinary subject into an extraordinary one.  It is the joy I feel when I come across one of these special moments that I try to capture on my canvases. This is accomplished by adherence to light and shadow patterns, the use of vivid descriptive color, and bold expressive brushwork.

My love of the water is reflected in my subject matter.  My palette is inspired by my passion for life.  Being an artist is a privilege.  It is about being in a special place and developing the means to express how I feel about that place.  If I do everything just right, I get to share a piece of the magic I feel with those who view my work.

Click here to read more about Suzanne…