More Plein Air Photo Contest Entries! Don’t Forget To Vote and Share.

We have received many lovely paintings and fun shots on location!  Please take a minute and vote. Then share, so like minded people can vote too!

The picture with the most votes will win both sizes of our Traveler Gift Packs.  These packs  are so useful for plein air painting.  Tape the included canvas in and you are ready to paint.  When you are done, stick on the bump its for extra air in front of your painting and pop the lid on.  Two of our heavy-duty black rubber bands and a clear plastic zip bag are included to make sure nothing happens on the way home.  If/when you sell off your easel, your client can get their new treasure home with confidence.

Traveler One Christmas PackTraveler One Gift Pack

Traveler Two Christmas Pack Traveler Two Gift Pack

The photo with the most votes by December 15th also wins this paintbrush holder. It’s hand-turned Mahogony made by West Canaan Art.


Go see our newest entries or enter yourself:

2 large_4f7d67427dea7269b526be832572ae69Happy Place

2 large_ffdf52229dd9934050446e05d8924f04Early Fall

2 large_dabf1ffac2d5b2eb5c9f6324cf5ffec4A Roadside Moment

2 large_87a8f7e1a17d1d1f8f99f57be2b1023eMorning Pier Light

2 large_090b0e7378dc57dd060cecbf98f20950Strawberry Banke



2 large_2ec4e1f796a522aabc8b771c55c80109Laguna Dawn

Offering Plein Air Artists a Low-Cost Alternative to Framing

Women Artists of the WestThe above Facebook post was made as a thank you for our donation of  art cocoons (complete with extravagantly staged photo of awesome rooster painting!).  In their follow up comment, Women Artists of the West makes a valid point about frames being one of their biggest expenses.

There are ways to avoid the high cost.  There are yard sale frames, second hand store frames, clearance section frames and discount store frames.  All of these involve time shopping for deals;  as well as any time/materials spent cleaning, touching up or completely restoring bargain frames. Some artists choose not to frame because their art sells right off the easel in an Art Cocoon.

Art Cocoons offer professionals a way to display artwork before a sale and to protect it after. Our sturdy cardboard carriers last for years. Paint right in them, all the way to the edge of your canvas panel! Display your paintings without removing them from their carriers and send them safely off to their new homes.  The price point drops significantly when you purchase lots of three or six.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

Traveler One (fits canvas panel sizes 4″x6″ – 5″x7″ – 6″x8″ – 8″x10″)
1 – $17.00
3 Pack – $11.65 each
6 Pack – $9.15 each

Traveler Two (fits canvas panel sizes 8″x10″ – 9″x12″ – 11″x14″)
1 – $19.00
3 Pack – $13.31 each
6 Pack – $10.83 each