Encouraging young people to experience art! by Gloria Chadwick

With so many schools cutting back on art and music programs it isn’t surprising to find some children may have the desire to paint but not the resources or opportunity. Offering youth classes through various community organizations and museums now that plein air has become very popular can be rewarding for both the teacher and student.An idea for artists working with young people is to suggest that students working in oil use an Art Cocoon to lessen their frustration and fear of damaging their work. Young painters can get frustrated carrying all their paints and supplies to a class and then fuss about how to transfer the painting back home. Starting with a small panel snug in the Art Cocoon can eliminate some of that anxiety and give them the security of having their learning project safe from damage.See below for what Gloria has been up to this summer!

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“Hills of Dehesa”
6″ x 8″, oil on canvas, 2015
Gloria Chadwick

Angelica works in her parents’ store… when she’s not performing store chores or serving customers, she can be found painting. She doesn’t use an easel and sets the Art Cocoon on the register or on her lap and paints away!

“It worked very nicely and I LOVE it! The Art Cocoon is very helpful as it helps me have a better storage place for the wet panel. It is not bulky, pretty much can fit anywhere and it is very portable! And I am still thinking on how to decorate the Cocoon, such as put designs on it, and I plan to use it for my art classes. Thank you very much :)”
~ Angelica –  Art Student

Nick can typically be found on the baseball or soccer fields but he’s always open to try something new! Preferring to be outside than inside, the plein air event in New Hampshire was perfect for him.