Fresh Paint! Check out this week’s plein-air contest entries.

1 in 37!  These are great odds!  Every vote counts.  Don’t forget to share so all your fans can vote for you.  Or share to get NEW fans, who can then vote for you.  We’ll be sharing and pinning our hearts out over here.

The picture with the most votes will win both sizes of our Traveler Gift Packs.  These packs  are so useful for plein air painting.  Tape the included canvas in and you are ready to paint.  When you are done, stick on the bump its for extra air in front of your painting and pop the lid on.  Two of our heavy-duty black rubber bands and a clear plastic zip bag are included to make sure nothing happens on the way home.  If/when you sell off your easel, your client can get their new treasure home with confidence.

Traveler One Christmas PackTraveler One Gift Pack

Traveler Two Christmas Pack

The photo with the most votes by December 15th also wins this paintbrush holder. It’s hand-turned Mahogony made by West Canaan Art.


Go see our newest entries or enter yourself:

Sand and Surf

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Beach Buddies

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An Afternoon Stop

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aka the old chicken coop

3 large_c23eb1113d02d17d4981704d399aab79

Light before the Storm

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Clouds sweeping across the High Plains

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Painting up river.

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Archway at Halifax Estates

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Brandywine Light

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