How to enter and vote in our Summer Plein Air Contest

Entering the Summer 2017 Plein Air Contest is easy!

Fill in the entry form with:
Your name
E-mail address
Caption (title/media)
Description ( Link to your website!)
Upload a photo of your plein air painting.

Once your photo has posted use the links below the green vote bar to share your entry on social media sites where you have an account with a quick note asking for votes, or recommending it to plein air fans. You can also post the link to your entry into emails or onto blogs and forums. We are blogging, sharing and promoting the contest, but your chances of winning will increase if you share as well.  Plus, the world needs to see more art. So share yours, and give people an easy way to be supportive.

Every artist can enter up to three paintings, and the top ten artists will win their choice of the Traveler One Gift Pack or the Traveler Two Gift pack. Thanks for entering, and Good luck!

Don’t want to enter this contest? You can still support other plein air artists by voting for their entries. You dont need to enter any information to vote.