I have purchased several traveler one sets for my oil paintings, for both indoor and en plein air workshops. I absolutely love that I can securely transport my finished piece with ease and without damaging the painted edges. Each board is re-usable and allows me to use multiple sized panels. Many of the artists I paint with have box carriers that are difficult to fill with a wet panel and travel with. In my opinion, the Art Cocoon is the best panel carrier on the market because of the options for painting, transporting and storing multiple sized panels.

Vicki Parry

These are the best idea and means of transporting wet canvas. I use these all the time and friends borrow any extras I have with me.

Joan Chakonas

I purchased these about 2 years ago when I returned to plein air oil painting and they are one of the best purchases I’ve made for my painting gear. I live in a foggy, damp area of northern CA and plein air gear can take a beating. These panels are just as rigid and functional as the day I bought them. They keep the dirt and dog hair off my wet oil paint when I’m transporting it and the panels fit perfectly on my Coulter Easel.

Jan Hollander

These are great for plein air painting. I like to cover the cardboard with magic marker or black tape to make a “frame ” for my painting.

Mary Clarendon

I love my Art Cocoon! Transporting a plein air painting has always been a bit challenging for me, always worried about ruining it when packing up to go. But Art Cocoon is a safe and easy way to save the day! Works perfectly and protects my painting all the way home.

Donna Frendt

I want you to know that the cocoons are brilliant. Painted outdoors at The Art Students League - the instructor took one look and said, 'I bet that was invented by a painter.' Thanks - they work beautifully.

Jean Chemay

Thank you for your helpful suggestions and kind service during my Art Cocoon exchange.

Costanza Baiocco, Pro Painter & Gallery Owner, New York, NY

I LOVED the handwritten letter, I even took it to my workshop and shared it!

Myra Gentner, workshop student, Newport Beach, CA

I have used Art Cocoons for several years and have introduced them to my artist friends. I love them! I am a plein air artist and they are perfect for plein air and for travel!

Judy Fischer-Walton, landscape & animal painter, Mansfield, OH

This is brilliant!

Harriet Tepel, Troy, MI

What a bonus it is to use the Art Cocoon while painting in a tourist setting. I have sent my paintings off to their new homes in the secure cocoon much to the relief of the traveller. I believe the carrier made the difference on whether or not a sale took place. —Gloria Chadwick on having her fourth sale off the easel using Art Cocoons this summer.

Gloria Chadwick (

My cocoons made what would have been a dicey painting trip easy. Instead of wet paintings placed strategically here & there in the automobile, all but one too large for a cocoon were bundled together and tossed in the trunk. No smear on the gear, stray paint in the car, or smudge on the work. And I got no more color on my fingers than that acquired softening a few edges (why dirty a brush when your hand is at the ready). Only thing wrong with cocoons is they weren’t around a lot sooner.

Gary Michael (

Grand Canyon was wonderful trip. The Art Cocoons were perfect. They kept things dry as we rafted through the oceanic waves of the river.

Bonnie White

Oil painting on my vacation in the Bahamas was so easy with Art Cocoons! I'll never travel with an easel again. I just held the paintings in my lap and painted away.


Painting with my french easel on this pond alongside ice fisherman was an interesting experience! Getting my wet paintings back to the car was no problem with my Art Cocoons. Thanks, this is a great product!

Wendy Trommer