Week Three Leaders – Summer 2016 Plein Air Contest

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The 10 artists who would each win an art cocoon if the contest ended today! But it doesn’t! There is still time to enter and vote! You can vote once per entry and there is no login or registration required to vote. Share your favorites on Facebook and Pinterest to support plein air artists.

#1 so far with 75 votes: Tara Will – Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016
Plein Air Easton 2 hr quickdraw 2016
#2 so far with 46 votes: Annie Strack  –  Wilson’s Vineyard, 8×10 oil
Wilson's Vineyard, 8x10 oil by Annie Strack
#3 so far with 39 votes: Kirk T Larsen –  Grand sky
Grand sky
#4 so far with 34 votes: CB HumeBoat Launch  –  City Park, Baton Rouge La.Boat Launch City Park Baton Rouge La.
#5 so far with 19 votes: Tamera Menard Ovall  –  River Strole
River Strole
#6 so far with 17 votes: Alicia Drakiotes  –  Captive Audience
Captive Audience
#7 so far with 14 votes: Paul Brand  –  577 Foundation, July
577 Foundation, July
#8 so far with 12 votes: Nancy Romanovsky  –  View from Longmire BridgeView from Longmire Bridge
#9 so far with 10 votes: Beth DeJesus England – Eagles Mere, PA Plein Air Event 2016
Eagles Mere, PA Plein Air Event 2016
#10 with 6 votes: Jenifer Prince  –  Anini Beach,KauaiAnini Beach,Kauai